About us

About us

Our story

In October 2001, we ( Jacques Morin and Isabelle Perdigal ) left France with our 3 children to come to Canada. First, we lived in Montreal and then moved to Mascouche when our 4th child was born. But we've always dreamed of space and nature.

We found our hobby farm (an old dairy farm of 51 acres) in 2006. We are located in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, halfway between Ottawa and Montreal.

We started to breed llamas and alpacas, mainly for their fibre. Addicted to wool, I discovered the Angora goats which give mohair. After many considerations, we decided to focus on raising our goats because they are easier to manage for me. We sold most of our alpacas and llamas (but we still many bags of fibre in stock) and added to our herd some Boer bucks to have goats for meat with great conformation. So, we have the choice of Angora goats for mohair and goats for meat. We also have chickens, which provide beautiful fresh eggs and a few ducks.

We have also grown our garden organically (without pesticides or herbicides) with different fruits and vegetables. We have been particularly careful to use mostly heirloom seeds because we find a wide variety of products and we also found that our fruits and vegetables were also more resistant to diseases or conditions more extreme climate. We sell our fruits and vegetables farm gate. 


A family story

At Ferme Bonne Mine , the whole family participates in the life of the farm.

Jacques, who is a genius handyman, handles every repairs of machinery and buildings, fences, feeders, etc … As you can imagine, there is endless work and I still thank him for all the work he did at these days.

Our children, Dominique, Denis, Sophie and Fanny,  are a precious help and participate in all farm chores: it is very much appreciated.

As for me,Isabelle,  I take care of animal care, marketing and make our products, etc …